Why Do Straight Men Enjoy Lesbian Porn?

A man can be as straight as a ruler and still have a soft spot for lesbian porn videos. In fact, some men may be opposed to same-sex partnerships and still like watching girl-on-girl action. Sounds like a conundrum, right? In reality, straight men enjoying lesbian porn is incredibly common. In fact, “lesbian” is one of the most common search terms in porn sites that have a predominantly male userbase. Why is that?

Below are just a few reasons these guys enjoy watching two or more women getting it on:

They don’t want to see a penis.

It can often be as simple as that. They want to see naked women screaming with pleasure, but they don’t want to see some other guy’s penis in the scene. When you replace a penis-haver with another woman, that’s double the fun and double the visual stimuli!

For many men, lesbian sex is even better when it features two or more of their favorite porn actresses. In fact, in the porn industry, many porn actresses film lesbian scenes to entice their costar’s fans and expand their fandom.


They want what’s forbidden.

Ah, the forbidden fruit. Lots of men get off on things that are considered “sinful” or at least “taboo.” This is partly the explanation for why stepmom, stepdaughter, or incest porn is so incredibly common. Some men also consider lesbianism to be inherently sinful. Perhaps they were raised in a conservative household or they adopted these views later on. Either way, men who nurse these feelings towards the gay community enjoy the taboo aspect of watching two women engaged in the most intimate way.

They want what they can’t have.

One frustration among lesbians is that, when they say they’re gay, some wiseguy would say, “I bet I can make you straight.” It’s frustrating, but some guys simply believe that they are the “cure” to a woman’s sexual preference. Naturally, this isn’t true. However, the best form of wish fulfillment for guys who believe this is lesbian porn.

Watching lesbian porn for a guy is like watching what they can’t have. However, this won’t stop them from fantasizing about it. It’s the same sort of wish fulfillment for people who have an intense crush on a movie star and wishing that star would marry them. There’s no way their fantasies can come true, but it can feel real enough in the privacy of their room.


Mainstream lesbian porn is made for men.

Rarely do you see lesbian porn that’s made for lesbians or even women. Major porn companies know that lesbian porn is popular among straight men, so they create videos that cater specifically to men. This has led to a huge collection of lesbian porn that has themes only men would like. This includes minimal-plot porn, hypersexualized women, and visually appealing but unpleasurable moves that no lesbian would do. It’s a vicious cycle: men want lesbian porn, porn companies create porn for them, and porn made for actual lesbians get pushed to the side because they’re not the target audience.

Straight men have become the target audience for straight porn. This is why they love lesbian porn, even if it’s completely unrealistic.