What are the best lesbian-themed TV shows?

Thankfully, we need not look further than Netflix for some really fun lesbian-themed TV shows. Here’s what we rounded up.

One Day At a Time

This show features Elena, a remarkable lesbian protagonist, and it is coming this winter with 13 new episodes, including an extraordinary special guest — singer Gloria Estefan as Lydia’s sister.


Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and Lena Waithe are behind this lesbian-themed TV sequel to the eponymous 1992 film, which follows the original story’s stars’ children. Tia is played by Lala Milan, a lovely, unique, and charismatic woman who’s described as a misguided artist who wants to topple the patriarchy. Her girlfriend Rocky is played by Kimberly Hall, who’s extremely protective of Tia.

Russian Doll

In this fab show, Lizzie is played by Rebecca Henderson, who’s actually married to Leslye Headland, the creator of the show, in real life. Lizzie loves overalls and group sex among other things. Natasha Lyonne of Beverly Hills fame not only co-created, but is also featured in the “adventure show” (if it’s existential, who can rely on Lyonne being there).

Russian Doll was directed by lesbian Jamie Babbitt and created by an all-female writing team. It features actresses such as Elizabeth Ashley, Greta Lee, Chloë Sevigny, Rebecca Henderson, Ritesh Rajan, Dascha Polanco, and Jocelyn Bioh.


The comedy-drama is famous for featuring a record number of lesbian characters, albeit not very thoughtfully built according to critics of the show. In the latest episode, Debbie had a brief fling with a hot construction worker that’s led her to consider her lesbian side. In the meantime, Veronica is also questioning hers as Svetlana is no longer here, and sorely missed by many fans.

Broad City

Although it’s entering its last season, Broad City is worth a mention because it now has a second bisexual main character. This year, Abbi is considering some serious girl-on-girl action.

Good Trouble

Our second to last pick sees Callie and Mariana moving to LA for new jobs. Alice Kwan is their new building manager, played by Sherry Cola. The character is a very well-constructed, soft, closeted Asian-American lesbian.

Schitt’s Creek

This one is last on our list because its sole lesbian, town counselor Ronnie, is pretty much a marginal character. Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara shine as a couple that’s suddenly lost all their assets and have to live in a motel in a crappy town called Schitt’s Creek. Lesbian actress Emily Hampshire and Daniel Levy, who plays a bitter bisexual, deserve a mention.