Why is dating in Los Angeles so difficult

Dating in Los Angeles is notably difficult. The answer as to why it’s so difficult to date in Los Angeles is severalfold. There are logistical problems that complicate dating. There is also a dating culture in LA with myriad problems. Overall, here are some of the main reasons why dating in Los Angeles is so difficult.


Undoubtedly, traffic is a hindrance. Anyone dating in LA can attest that time spent in traffic can amount to separation, both physically and break-up-wise. Traffic will make it seem as though the distance between you is greater than the number of miles. Case and point, traveling 5 miles in a city outside of LA would take less time due to less traffic.

If you’re thinking of starting a relationship with someone in a nearby area, you must calculate the time you will have to spend behind the steering wheel. What you would consider relatively nearby in any other city is, assuredly, different than what people consider nearby in Los Angeles. A lack of parking also makes dating in LA difficult.


As many LA residents are focused on work, there’s a stereotype that first dates transpire similarly to job interviews. Perhaps, that’s true with dates in general. While you’re on a date, you’re trying to decide whether you want to spend your energy on someone. However, in LA, people are often situated in LA solely for work. There is an overlap of networking and dating. In fact, getting access to social events can depend on who you know. Therefore, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find that your date is asking about your resume straight away. Your social standing comes into play, perhaps more than it would elsewhere.


In LA, it can be difficult to discern whether someone is asking you out because of work or out of genuine romantic interest. Many people in LA are searching for networking opportunities. Simultaneously, there are people who are searching for a date. Rather than mingle to date, Los Angeles singles will socialize to network. It’s difficult to know what people are looking to accomplish when you meet because workaholics and romantics reside in the same dating pool.

Priorities A lot of people move to LA solely to pursue a career, and it’s a competitive location. Instead of prioritizing companionship, people will prioritize earning money. Since LA employees will take on several gigs as a way to earn supplementary income, it can become difficult to find someone to date steadily. Even if you find someone, who is a romantic at heart, that person probably has tunnel vision for his or her work endeavors.